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Is that a serious problem. Is this a known problem and can it be trated? Sometimes puss comes put of it in very small amounts but still visible, it almost looks asif hairs are stuck under the skin but I have no idea so please help! Please advice me on what. Is it dangerous to health? Thanks Posted by Optional on at 10:57 It started out as an excessive amount of discharge.

could have got it from another man or its just normal to women? Either a white discharge or a yellow one jst take this pills for chlamydia and u will feel better forever. But i always feel something dripping down from the end of my penis. Posted by debbie on at 03:57 i feel embarressed about sending this but i to want to have my son circumcized and need to know where i can get it done and how it is done.

You mentioned that you are circumcised but the head of your penis retreats into the skin of your is is nothing to worry about you was proberbly circumcised when you was s or an is results in what is known as a loose circumcision. Or do i need help? I mean lots of yellow, white, and sometimes green fluid. I have been married for 1years and have not been another woman, My penis ups early and falls early what is the solution of this Posted by dom on at 11:43 hello i have a problem about my penis and every time i pull.

Now I want to get marry. It's not like anything really changed all this time. I used to get t some slimy liquid would ooze out of my penis. I am too uncomfortable with this. Posted by Chris on at 05:36 I pulled back my foreskin and found whit like pimples and it's scared me for the past 3 years now. Posted by Kasperrr on at 08:47 I have a problem when ever dick i watch porn i got discharge all the time without even touching my penis I dont know what is wrong with.

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Posted by Optional on at 07:27 no one tells the cure try yougurt eat it sexlust much as u can and put it all over ur penis and every time male you pee wash ur penis and keep it dry it will sure help Posted by Optional. I always do hand practises to make it t i donot got any result after doing this. I haven't had sex in over a year so I'm don't think it's an std unless it has remained dormant for a couple years. All this happened 2-3 years and it is still happening now my penis tip will sometimes 'bite' against my underwear when I pull it out it hurts and also sometimes when I pee I have burning sensation on my penis tip it also feels like. I tend to pee in my bed still but it only happens once and a while. Posted by Optional on at 08:45 HM from lahore pakistaave problam IN MY penies, LOW hadness dischage IN 2-mint please solve MY problam, I want TO healthy penies long time mastrbuting thanosted by Optional on at :46 I have a yellow discharge that is coming. Its driving me nuts, when i go to urinate it doesnt burn it burned once but it was right after i ejaculated and i found that to be normal seeing that its ing left over fluid out. Posted by khaleel on at 02:40 my penis is small like.5 inces in normal when iam in mode it becomes in 5 inces i want nearly 6 inces what i do any exericse methods.

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What's is the problem? Posted by Optional on at 02:33 Hey I am 15, and after I masturbate (every once in a while) when I do it in the morning time especially, later that day I will have clear discharge coming out at various times of the day. Posted by Optional on at 01:49. I want to make strong my penis nerve please helpme. And my banjo string looks like its going to snap. Please somone anwer me, i am very concerned about this, having penis problems at the age of 13 is not cool. I have been using it for a month.

it looked like a hard white. This is sick but she was able to squeeze the head of the penis so much so that the puss filled.

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Ive have white puss spots on my penis what are they. A lot of times when i rub my skin a bit hard, a white puss comes out ( not a lot). white discharge from his penis (he is fixed) - white -discharge- penis ml).

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