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Share, hi there, this is unusual but it does happen. Doctors Lounge (m) does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site. or to establish a professional-client relationship. It is not raised at all, seems like it is just under the skin and is a very small dot, like a pencil dot. Tft209 - Sun Sep 20, 2009 :00 pm Share Recently I encountered a similar situation. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the "Verified" symbol in some Experts' profiles. Advertising Policy, lichen sclerosus is an inflammatory scarring response that can lead to difficulty in urination and anatomic problems with the penis,. Doctors Lounge Membership Application.

back to sex it goes back. Peyronies disease, chief among the causes of penis pain. Use with caution if you decide to try this. Still a virgin age 18, I then noticed a purple mark on the head of my penis, no pain no lump and same texture as the rest of the head. A penis fracture can occur when there is trauma to the erect penis. .

Surgery is a possible treatment  in some cases,. Share, i have this exact same problem. What should I do? Doctors also sometimes use a penile prosthetic to treat the condition. Penis pain involves any pain or discomfort, internal or external, of the penis.

The swelling may be mild or severe. Our resident pharmacist explains your options when you can't get to. Date of last update: 8/13/2017. I'm quite worried since this has never happened to me before. What is happening and why?

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I though somehow a testicle had made it's way up in there somehow, but after verifying both were in place, i discarded it thinking it would penis subside. It really is most unlikely that there could be anything seriously wrong with you unless you have some sort of disorder which causes clotting in veins. We finished and I felt no pain /discomfort of any sort, but this morning I looked at my penis and there is a tiny red/purple-ish dot on the head, next to the urethra and it wasn't there yesterday. More information, guide to treatment for prostate. The exact cause of Peyronies disease is unknown. The swelling and discoloration is essentially a bruise, although with more bleeding into the tissues than usual, which is now resolving based on your description. I am going to give it a day or two like and see if anything changes, but for now I am worrying nonetheless since I wore a condom and am hoping it didnt have any breaks in it from being too tight. This condition looks like small white bumps that are shiny and smooth.

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Painful Vein, along Side of, penis. It visibly protrudes just underneath the skin of the penis and becomes painful., Superficial veins on the shaft of the penis. Veins in your penis will. I noticed a a lot of veins coming on my penis at once, on the shaft a few blue veins appearing one on the.

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More from Netdoctor: Sexual health, viagra and blood pressure, find out if can you take Viagra with blood pressure tablets. Is this is burst bloodvessel? That means no sex or masturbation until at least a week after it appears to be completely healed.

So how long should i give it to heal on it's own before becoming concrened? Some exchange members have also tried a cream that helps clear lymph congestion to speed up the healing process (found under Resources in this Exchange). It has been recurring more frequently lately, after almost every instant of sexual activity. It wasn't very painful, but I knew something wasn't right. Share, hi, Whilst having sex with my girlfriend last night I think I burst a blood vessel in the shaft of my penis. I haven't been concerned because it isn't painful and it always goes away, but I'm more worried since it seems to have changed. I'm looking for a more long term and effective birth control other than using condoms with my husband.

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