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Yellow pus penile discharge

I've been noticing the female stain for like a year now. Posted by Optional on at 12:53 i have painful urination and white discharge from the penis after urination, why this? What is happening. Now the burning sensation when urinating is gone but am still having the discharge from my penis its three days aftr finishing my dosage. Am see by my doctor he give me ciprokin 500 and doxycap am taking for two days but still the fluid is on my penis what I an suppose. Posted by Woodcock. Posted by A very confused man on at 08:17 I've been told by the doctor that I do not have any std but I still have discharge. Please sugest the name of the disease and give conformed And give releif to my life. For around a couple years now, I'm 19 next month, my penis seems to leak (not leak out to the point where it dribbles but instead just sits at the tip of my penis) a sort of pre-cum type of thing, but it's a yellow-ish. I want to know if I have an infection Posted by Optional on at 11:16 Too mortified to go to a doc but after i have a wank after i cum i get a thick scaby flakey yellow discharge with a fish like smell. Although no pain during urination, i am still having the yellowish Discharge. In women, Chlamydia can travel upwards into the Fallopian tubes (the tubes that carry the eggs from the ovaries to the womb and can eventually affect the tubes, making the woman infertile. Penile Discharge, sTD Symptoms in Men

Unlike men, only 10-20. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Discharge from penis, Drainage or pus and Pain with urination and including Urinary tract infection (UTI Allergic reaction and Vesicoureteral reflux. Things had subsided until yesterday when I found yellow stains in my underwear and thick white discharge in my penis. Penile Discharge and, male Discharge, dermveda Penile Discharge - Should I be Worried? Discharge from penis, Drainage or pus and Pain with urination

for penile. Before thinking too far and relating this to diseases such as HIV, let us look at the common infective causes of penile discharge. This is one of the most common STDs around. It always manifest as white/ yellow /green discharge from the penis, and painful urination.

Posted by Optional on at 05:43 I have white discharge come from my penis in the morning but not alot I have got checked for all std and hiv Test all came back negative i have no prostatu rashes no burning no itching What can this. WebMD says uti s are caused by bacteria which can spread 2 other organs. Two weeks after finishing with the cream I am still having discharge and an record odd feeling in my urethra. Also a change in your ejaculation frequency can create a discharge if you abruptly stop your normal behavior. What is the possible cause of this discharge? So I asked what could it be I was told if he had to guess it could be phosphates. Posted by Optional on at 09:54 I'm so glad at this message passed across. And now my question is is its the rite antibiotic for me? White, painless discharge in penis - Urology - MedHelp

Benigne Prostatahyperplasie (BPH, Prostatavergrößerung

Yellow puss or discharge. Red irritation of the glans.

I've went too the STD clinlic and getting tested results haven't came back t the doc gave me 2 antibiotics for chlamydia as one dose its been three days now and I still have woman symptoms.can anyone help me? What is going on? About the haft size of a fly. Posted by Andrew on at 02:54 Hi I have hypospadias and the discharge is actually came out from the non functional hole.

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What should i have to do? Posted by Mike on at 07:58. I had sex with my fiancee bt 4 days later my penis started discharging watery liquid.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) or a sexually transmitted infection are common causes of penile discharge. Penile discharge is often accompanied by pain or burning during urination and a need to urinate. I have this yellow creamy puss like substance leaking from my penis and where the skin fols it burns. Especially when im walking. I haven t had sex in like 4 weeks.

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The discharge can vary in amount from scanty to profuse and in colour from clear to yellow or green. Penile discharge or urethritis is diagnosed by finding white blood cells (neutrophils or pus cells) on a urethral swab or first catch urine sample (ie urine taken from when you first begin to pass water). Penile discharge may be watery (clear) or cloudy (containing pus ). The discharge may also be bloody.

They're not big normal lumps, they're really red circular lump type things. Help me ppl Posted by Optional on at 12:07 I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend the next day i felt burning when urinating, painful urethra tupe and there is a yellow discharge coming out from that penis hole. But this is not used routinely in STD clinics. Or is it a serious problem?? A little pain in my abdomen or bladder? Could it be caused by masturbation? Posted by Anonymous on at 09:05 I am 23 yr old having penile discharge since 4 years on flaccid penis without any stimulus I'm sexually inactive there is no burning micturition it occurs continuously which is very uncomfortable I clean my foreskin daily sometimes. Which is like 2 weeks ago. Posted by Optional on at 04:47 I had sex and bt 5 days later i started having white discharges and pain all day for a couple weeks i was goin to see the doctor but was to shy. Someone help Even if it means telling me maybe my girlfriend has cheated just need to know Cheers Posted by Optional on at 07:27 i've got a discharge its now 2 months. Posted by Optional on at 07:27 no one tells the cure try yougurt eat it much as u can and put it all over ur penis and every time you pee wash ur penis and keep it dry it will sure help Posted by Optional.

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