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Prostate cancer test kit - Health professional reference Tool

easy and dependable way to measure the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level in your blood - which is useful to help in diagnosing problems with the prostate. However, PSA levels in the blood can sometimes be moderately elevated for reasons other than cancer and using a single cut-off value of around 4ng/ml for positive or negative can, in some circumstances, lead to the risk of unnecessary investigations and worry. Prostate cancer is the second most lethal cancer in men and accounts for one of one in ten of all cancer deaths in men in developing countries. This means that your PSA level is normal. (21 page 1 of 3 prev 1 2 3 next). Firmly press the Medlance against the selected fingertip, which has been sterilized, with an alcohol swab (included in our test) and press the button to release the needle. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a protein produced by the prostate gland in prostate disease the PSA escapes from the confines of the prostate gland and enters the blood stream. Kit, prostate, cancer

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Blood Test for Prostate Specific Antigen. DO NOT read results after 15 minutes. This home prostate test is a rapid test intended as an initial semi-quantitative test to detect PSA blood levels higher than 4 ng/ml in whole blood. In independent laboratory studies our PSA test has been shown to agree with laboratory test results and is CE accredited according to Medical Device uputstvo Directive 98/79EC for testing at home. Prostate Cancer UK (formerly known as The Prostate Cancer Charity) prostata is a registered charity in England and Wales (1005541) and in Scotland (SC039332). The needle will automatically eject itself from the sheath of the Medlance and penetrate the skin. How does the test work? The prostate test should be stored at room temperate away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Invalid, if a line does NOT appear under the "C" (control) mark - even if a line appears under the "T" (test) mark - the test must be taken as invalid - and the test should be repeated. 18 Responses To Receiving An Unsolicited Dick Pic Her Campus

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Prostate cancer increases with age and. Contains all printed Tool Kit fact sheets, for health professionals to use as a reference.

Hold the Medlance in your one hand and twist off the protective sealing cap with your other good hand and pull it off. Over 30,000 men are diagnosed with prostate girls cancer in the UK every year, with a third dying from the disease, the average age at diagnosis being 70 to 74 years. Men with prostate cancer usually have PSA levels higher than four, although cancer is a possibility at any PSA level. A finger prick blood spot is required and is obtained by using the sterile automatic finger pricker provided with the test kit. There are however other factors that can cause elevated PSA levels and for more information please click here.

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The PSA test kit from Health Check. Our home prostate test kit is an easy and dependable way to measure the PSA ( Prostate Specific Antigen) level.

One Step, prostate, specific Antigen (PSA test, kit for the diagnosis. Prostate cancer test kit. Medical research news, Prostate cancer news instant prostate cancer test kit, men's health, prostate cancer detection, prostate cancer instant test. You should therefore think carefully and consider your reasons before having a test for PSA prostate, cancer, risk.

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High Sensitivity, prostate, specific Antigen, prostate, cancer. Test, kit, for Hospital.

Cut the end of the sealed pipette containing the diluent and add 3 (three) drops of the reagent to the sample well. Apply the end of the blood collection pipette to the blood flow to draw blood into the pipette without depressing the bulb of the pipette. Negative result, only one colored line will appear under the "C" (control) mark. Cleanse the finger with a sterile swab and dry with a clean tissue. Schematic of where the prostate gland is situated. Instant self test finger prick blood spot test results in minutes as reliable as a doctor's test free advice to help you use the test and interpret your results with confidence. R.00 per kit, tO BUY from dick US: Our home test kits. Discard all test material and treat as hazardous waste. ANY positive result must immediately be brought to the attention of your medical practitioner. Even a light colored line under the "T" mark should be considered as a positive result. The intensity of the T line may be darker than the intensity of the control C line.

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